Why run just for fitness or fun when you can run for a cause? Yes! Your run can make a difference in the lives of homeless people and orphans in Goa!

Everyone has their own struggles and difficulties. As a runner you know the challenges of the run and you take it up and win over it. Running is not easy but you choose to make it easy. As you choose to live healthy remember thousands of underprivileged children and poor families in our country. Make this Goa Marathon 2016 your run for a cause. You pledge and share your pledge with friend’s family and colleagues through social media.

You choose (Need list) the needs of the poor, pledge to raise that amount and then receive report on the difference you've made.

Create your pledge page today: (Ketto link) it’s easy

The Goa Marathon is an annual event organized for the cause of Homes for the homeless and Hope for the hopeless. It aims is to raise awareness of the need for decent housing and to alleviate the suffering of the homeless and street children. It serves runners from all skill levels, from the first time marathoners to veteran runners and walkers. Brought to you by El Shaddai Charitable Trust, with Goa Athletic Association, it is one of the most interesting and enjoyable marathons in India as participants enjoy the scenic view of the Mandovi River while racing for a cause. Funds raised through this event will be used to build safe and decent homes for marginalized families in Goa and to bring happiness and hope to underprivileged children of society.


The Fifth Edition is on 6th March 2016:



El Shaddai Child Rescue is a charity dedicated to the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of street children and children at risk from abuse and exploitation. El-Shaddai cares for and provides food, clothing, shelter and education for children from under-privileged sections of society. They run residential homes, day care and night shelters, cottages for children (from infants to those attending senior college), technical institutions and professional training centres.

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